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LED line light on the role of lighting design
Complete appearance on architectural lighting, will adopt line lamp, what matters is about building a particular area of the completed project, important is through the use of the manipulation of the scattering Angle round head and square shape, the line of lamps and lanterns. The method of this kind of lighting is almost consistent with traditional methods, relatively complex difficult operation, used at the same time also pretty upset, and also can produce light pollution.
However adopted LED lamp line light source is relatively is small and thin, especially linear projection lamp, but also become a major bright spot in the industry, the completion of the building lighting can more easy to use, no dead Angle, light soft no fever, no city cause light pollution. Can make the city night is as bright during the day, light the way home. Using traditional lines on the lamp, the use of, is a difficult problem, because most of the building is likely to set a site to use traditional lamp, bigger, placeholder, if not used properly, will cause certain security hidden danger.
However, the use of LED lamp line is very convenient, the using method of matter on the market at present is to adopt the use of the vertical direction, so can better and buildings together, together, also is contribute to city beautiful, has made no small contribution. But also for the lighting design brings new subjects, solicitude extends the space, but also to the modern and historical buildings lighting technique to produce a new block.