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important questions of architectural facade lighting
Before starting your lighting design, you need to figure out what you are most concerned about. Designing building facade lighting can be as simple as you have some basic concepts and a reasonable budget. Even if you get overwhelmed by the variety and applications of light fixtures, there are things you can do to stick to your priorities.
If you want your architectural lighting design and final application to be perfect, then you have to answer two questions first.
What to light up ?
First ask yourself, what exactly do you want to light up? Architectural facade lighting should not be overwhelming, on the contrary, we should try to avoid covering up the facade design of the building itself. Lights should selectively illuminate certain key areas without having to illuminate everything.
Is your building a commercial building? You may need to use led mesh screen to build a super large led display screen with thousands of square meters to illuminate the building wall. This is a popular trend now. You can also look at the lines and contours of commercial buildings, which may become the focal point of your lighting.
Do you want to highlight architectural culture? If so, Columns, spires, windows, and other design elements of a traditional building are likely to be focal points that you can highlight and illuminate.
important questions of architectural facade lighting
You can also view the location of buildings and adjacent structures. What areas of the building would you like to light up? Where do you want people to see buildings and lights? If you’re going to light up a building’s façade, you need to make it highly visible.
How to light it up?
As you know, there are many LED light fixtures you can use to enhance the beauty of a building’s facade. How do you know which one to choose?
You go back to the original design intent. What kind of mood do you want to express? What function do you want to highlight the building? These all determine the style of architectural facade lighting. For example, home building lighting generally uses warm light, and the lighting looks warm and livable. The facade lighting of office buildings tends to be simple and fashionable, while the lighting of commercial buildings is often colorful.
These are important considerations that can help you decide how to light up your facade.
You also need to consider who will use the building. Where will they go? What do they need? If you can answer these questions, you’ll know to use the right lighting techniques.
No matter how you choose, Led facade lighting products are always the best option. Not only is it energy efficient, but it is also very durable. Outdoor LED lights are very long lasting, low maintenance and cost effective.