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Reasons why building facade lighting is important
Facade lighting puts a coat on the building at night, making it a painting. This painting not only has aesthetic value, but also carries people’s emotions and thoughts. For example, when people who go home at night, the moment they see the lights of their own homes, their hearts are filled with warmth.
Reasons why building facade lighting is important
This highly graphic impression and emotional sustenance are the ultimate pursuit of our architectural lighting design.
There are many reasons why building facade lighting is important. It goes beyond aesthetics. Of course, the application of this lighting technology is to accentuate the character of the building. But you shouldn’t dwell on aesthetics. Lighting design is not just about giving the building an artistic feel.
Once you know what you want to express through light, and understand how facade lighting can make a building stand out, you will know how to design architectural lighting. The key is how to make people understand and experience the true value of architecture. Use lighting technology to add emotional value to buildings.
Do you believe this is possible? of course.
You can think about it from the following three aspects.