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What is architectural facade lighting?
Architectural facade lighting complements the exterior of any building and structure.
Facade refers to the exterior of a building’s construction. And building facade lighting means highlighting the front part of the building, including walls, columns, doors and windows and other building structures. 
What is architectural facade lighting
In architectural design, the façade is the most important part. Why? Obviously, because people always see the exterior of the building first. People are more interested in approaching the building and exploring the interior of the building if they are impressed at first sight.
Although the façade design of many buildings is stunning, once the night falls, people will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the architectural design. The only way to break the shackles of darkness is to install well-designed lamps in buildings.
That’s why we have to design the lighting for the façade of the building. Now, building facade lighting design is more and more popular. Whether it is a commercial building, a theme park, or a home building, facade lighting plays an important role.
But the benefits don’t stop at the actual building itself. It extends all around. Believe it or not, a beautiful building can elevate its surroundings – make people want to come and see it.